Gout, explained

Gout is an excruciatingly painful condition caused when uric acid levels build up in the body. It’s a complex form of arthritis and the most common inflammatory arthritis. Approximately  2.5% of adults in the UK will get Gout, with men being more susceptible than women.

Osteopathic treatment is different, here’s why

On an almost daily basis, I get asked to explain what I do, not my occupation but what do osteopaths actually do?  I suspect if I took a public survey the reply would be one of the following: “They crack peoples backs, don’t they? ”  Or with a shrug of shoulders, “I’ve never heard of one of […]

The wellbeing benefits of pilates

Many people ask me “ I don’t have a back problem or any injuries so why should I do Pilates?”    To get the most out of a Pilates class/session, you need to connect to your body and be in the moment, over time and with experience; this can improve overall mind/body awareness and become […]