Welcome to Pilates in Dulwich, we are bespoke movement specialists and rehabilitation experts, based in the heart of Dulwich Village, London.

Our aims are simple, to teach lasting skills to improve movement health, fitness and overall wellbeing. We specialise in supporting people to reach a better understanding of the way their bodies function, improve joint alignment, find ease and comfort in every day and sport-related movement. To get stronger and fitter whatever their age, size, shape or level of fitness.

We have been offering a variety of small group, mat-based Pilates classes in a community setting in Dulwich Village since the year 2000. There are beginners, mixed ability and advanced options. Specialised courses for those with back or joint problems and monthly themed workshops. We also offer somatic (mindful) based movement classes which are a great antidote to a busy pressurised lives. Our lead teacher is also a registered osteopath comprehensively trained and highly experienced to offer individual clinical sessions to support people through complex rehabilitation or post-surgical recovery. Curious? Meet us on a mat. Have questions, do get in touch.

See how Pilates can enhance your life