group classes

Group Classes

Pilates is primarily a floor-based exercise form; you should be able to get on and off the floor without assistance. If you have any doubts about your suitability, please get in touch with us for advice.

If you have any health problems or injuries that prevent you from leading a normal life and/or taking part in regular exercise, you should not book into a group class unless you have been checked by a health professional first.

We offer group classes as prepaid blocks of 6 – 10 weeks for beginners and as 12-week blocks for ongoing classes.

We are experienced in running private groups, corporate classes (live and virtual) and running wellbeing and stress reduction retreats; please get in touch to discuss your needs.

New morning and evening Zoom classes coming soon

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Secure measures are in place and numbers are strictly limited.


Does this describe you?

  • Are you feeling old before your time and missing out on the joys of life.
  • Feel pressurised or stressed by work or life and struggle to relax.
  • Or want to feel more comfortable in your body and thrive.

This class will introduce the fundamentals of Pilates exercises in a friendly and safe environment. also a good option for people returning after a long break or looking to explore Pilates as a method of rehabilitation, injury prevention or merely seeking ways to be more comfortable in their daily activities.  Classes are small to ensure personal attention and lead by an Osteopath with extensive Pilates and rehabilitation experience.

Please note: This course is not suitable for people with acute injuries or pain.


Does this describe you?

  • Are you fed up with waking up with aches and pains and spending your days feeling irritable or grumpy?
  • Are you looking for options to manage a chronic condition but not sure where to start.
  • Would you like support to return to fitness, sport, or a hobby after injury but are time-poor?

This specialist class is for people with non-acute or chronic injuries, including low back pain, hip, knee, shoulder or neck problems — it’s the bridge between individual sessions and a general group class. Note this class is limited to a maximum of 9. More information on the booking page.

Please note: You must be able to get on and off the floor unaided


Does this describe you?

  • Do you feel pressurised or stressed by work or life and struggle to relax.
  • Would you like support to return to fitness, sport, or a hobby after injury but are time-poor?
  • Or want to feel more comfortable in your body and thrive.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and struggle to find the time and space to “support your wellbeing” you’re not alone! – And you are in the right place.

This class offer a more mindful, gentler, slower approach for those needing to restore movement health and resilience in a calm and supportive class from the comfort of your home or space. Designed for beginners, these bespoke classes are also beneficial to those with previous experience to refresh the basics or as another session to their weekly practice. Delivered live via Zoom (not recorded)

  • No travel required
  • No social distancing
  • Your space, at your convenience 
Please note: This course is not suitable for people with acute injuries or pain.


Intermediate classes introduce new, more challenging exercises and Pilates equipment. Using a range of small balls; the Pilates magic circle, bands, rollers and hand-weights offering support or smart challenges.

Please note; there is a waitlist for the following options.

Please note: You need 6 -12 months of regular attendance in a small group class or private tuition to join these classes.


Our advanced classes are designed to offer the maximum Pilates mat challenge, enhance your endurance and technique. Add variety, precision and flow. You need to be injury free and ready to work smarter, not harder, to join these classes
Most of our intermediate and advanced classes are full of committed regular clients but spaces do come up from time to time. Please do get in contact for an update on availability. 

Please note; there is a waitlist for the following options.

Please note: Places are subject to pre-screening which may also involve an individual assessment.