General Information

Pilates is a movement discipline engaging both the mind and body. It is an excellent physical exercise but also gives a deep sense of well-being.

Essentially it is a combination of strength and mobility work which develops trunk strength & dynamic stability, improving support for the spine. Pilates can be customised easily to suit the needs of each participant and is often recommended as a means of rehabilitation.
Group classes are predominately floor based on a mat, and the initial classes are focused on learning the basics correctly. These sessions incorporate a variety of small equipment such as balls, bands, weights and the famous Pilates magic circle.

All equipment is provided, and clients just need to wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that allow unrestricted movement. Please avoid clothes with tight, fitted waistbands.

Qualifications for Rehabilitation

Not all Pilates teachers are trained or qualified to offer rehabilitation. At the moment someone can call themselves a Pilates teacher and claim to work with special population groups including those with low back pain after just one weekend of training. While others have completed 1-2 years of study, achieved professionally recognised qualifications and then committed to continuing professional development (CPD). At Osteopathy in Dulwich, we offer rehabilitation with highly trained experienced Pilates practitioners and osteopaths qualified to use The Pilates Method clinically.


Hygiene Policy

I regularly review my studio hygiene policy based on guidance from both healthcare regulators and Public Health England.

Infection control
The health and safety of my clients is my top priority.
Adding to our well-established and rigorous hygiene protocols we have developed an extra level of protection for all visiting clients.
Sanitising all mats and equipment between classes; including communally used surfaces such as door handles and toilet facilities.
Moving to ‘non-touch’ greetings; a simple hello, head nod or ankle tap are options to replace handshakes and hugs until the crisis passes.


Clients or anyone within their household who develop symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 infection, after attending a class should notify us right away.