Sleep positions for pain-free z-z-z-z’s

As an osteopath, it’s routine to be talking with patients about sleep, especially if discomfort or pain is making it difficult to get to sleep. Any joint-related problem or health concern can be a factor that influences our choice of sleep position. The question that comes up most often is what position is best? 

Touch, the silent language of compassion, communication, and connection.

Welcome to 2019! I wanted the first entry of this new year to be about something significant, meaningful and potentially life-changing, so let’s talk about the benefits of touch. Touch is our first sense to develop and the first language we learn; while in the womb, foetuses touch their face to learn about themselves. As […]

Hip problems explained

Hip problems are common, the cause may be apparent, like an injury that comes on suddenly while gardening, running for the train or playing sports. However, sometimes the reason is not as clear, as symptoms may come on gradually. Hip problems can be one of the kisses of time problems and considered part of the […]

Modic Changes and Back Pain

About 50% of people with back pain following a  disc herniation develop bone oedema, inflammation, or bone marrow lesions within a vertebral body. These are known as Modic changes and are related to poor healing and recurrent disc herniation. Their presence is significant because it was an independent predictor of intense and disabling low back pain episodes affecting recovery time and […]

Herniated spinal disc explained

A herniated spinal disc is the most common cause many painful conditions, when this happens, the natural cushion between the vertebra of the spine is damaged or ruptured, causing the spinal disc to push out into areas usually occupied by nerves. Note; other terms for a herniated disc include; a slipped, ruptured, bulging or, protruding disc. […]