“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” Maya Angelou  

“Sandie’s classes are brilliantly structured to work my whole body and leave me feeling stronger and more balanced.
They vary in terms of exercises and equipment and challenge me to the right level. They’re also fun with a friendly atmosphere.
For me they are a point in the week to focus on myself and develop my strength and flexibility”.  

C, SE21

“Sandie brings friendliness and humour to the Pilates class while at the same time explaining very clearly and accurately how to get the very best out of an exercise, down to the smallest of muscle adjustments.
I leave the class feeling physically so much better than when I started.”


“I started learning Pilates with Sandie several years ago. She is a great teacher who gently encourages everyone to develop at their own pace, taking into account any limitations and always with care for safety.
As a result the classes provide the right degree of challenge in a friendly and supportive way.”


“I started pilates with Sandie five years ago after having my first child.  The benefits in terms of my flexibility and strength have been remarkable.  
Sandie is the consummate professional and her depth of knowledge is truly impressive.” 


“In one word, brilliant!
I have attended Sandie’s pilates classes for more years than I care to mention and cannot recommend her classes highly enough.”


“Since going to Pilates with Sandie I have noticed a real difference to my general flexibility and energy levels. Sandie was, and still is, really supportive to me following a back injury, and  always keep us informed of the latest research about related health issues”. 

C, SE22

I have attended Sandie’s Pilates classed for more than ten years. I rarely have back problems now and can bend with ease.
I go to Sandie as my osteopath too if I feel I need an MOT. Comparing her with other osteopaths, she is very focused and professional. 

D, SE 21

Sandie’s classes have been keeping me mobile and strong for over a decade.
Even on a cold, dark winter’s evening after work, I know that I will hugely benefit from the class and Sandie’s care and attention to everyone’s needs.  
The proof of her effectiveness is how rubbish I feel after the long summer break when I’ve not had the discipline to keep it up!