Testimonials for Pilates in Dulwich

Calm, supportive and expert instruction to improve existing injuries and develop strength and overall wellbeing at Pilates in Dulwich.

Rebecca Oakey

The classes always do me so much good physically and mentally. Every time, I'm amazed that exercise can be so much fun. But during lockdown I look forward to them more than ever. Thank you

Rosemary Sunter

I started learning pilates with Sandie several years ago. She is a great teacher who gently encourages everyone to learn at their own pace, taking into account any limitations and always with care for safety. As a result the classes always provide the right degree of challenge in a friendly and supportive way

Sian Davies

I met Sandie 8 years ago after years of back pain, a slipped disc and spinal surgery and I'm sure it is her and her pilates classes that keep me moving and upright. As a trained osteopath she is reassuring and encouraging and stretches us both physically and mentally in a safe and fun environment! I really recommend her.

Liz Varlow

Sandie is a perfect Pilates teacher, ensuring that all the exercises are matched to our needs and capabilities whilst continually pushing us on further. The classes are also filled with laughter - always important! I would thoroughly recommend her classes to both beginners and experts.

Lesley Jones

A Pilates class with Sandie is an absolute joy. She combines expert knowledge, teaching and guidance with humour and sensitivity; the result being that I leave every class feeling better not only physically but emotionally as well. A wonderful way to spend an evening after a long day.

Carol Penrose

Stiff neck and back from an office job or mid-week low mood? Pilates classes with Sandie can help for both! Sandie is the most resourceful, knowledgeable, warm and funny movement teacher I have come across - there is no problem Sandie can’t help with. Her background in osteopathy means she always looks at things from a holistic point of view. In the beautiful venue of St Barnabas Church or from the comfort of my home during these times, a Pilates class with Sandie leaves my body comfortable and my mind relaxed. I couldn’t recommend her more – so lucky I found her!

Cristina Fediuc

I have known Sandie for almost 18 years and some regular Pilates sessions with her twice a week since! She is a fabulous teacher. Very experienced and continues to develop professionally all the time. Her classes are really good fun. There is a always a professional ambiance but scope for chat and interaction with the other class members. There is often a new element to some of the classes so they are never boring. She pays attention to detail, including always asking about any injuries that we may have sustained in order to work with those problems rather than ignoring them. This is always helpful. I’m most recent months with Coronavirus amidst us, she has turned her skills to enabling us to continue with doing Zoom Pilates. It wasn’t the easiest of transitions for her as it has always been a face to face , personal interaction. But it has worked amazingly well and long may it continue whist we cannot meet in person. I can not recommend her and her classes highly enough.

Wez Suther-Jones

I did my first Pilates class in 1993 in Kings Cross and was hooked. Since then I have continued to practice and moved to Pilates in Dulwich approx 23 years ago. Sandie is a brilliant teacher. Her attention to detail is second to none. Our classes are small so she can work with our individual strengths and weaknesses and her eagle eyes miss nothing. I think one of her strengths is her explanation of each movement and why we do it. Correct technique is always emphasised and equally importantly she encourages you to develop a real feel and understanding of how your body moves. Over the years, our bodies change so much but pilates has kept me flexible and my joints mobile. It also has to be said that she has a great sense of humour so classes are a joy and a pleasure to attend. I always feel the benefit of my class even when I feel so tired I do not think I have the energy for anything. Having your pilates teacher being an osteopath is definitely an added bonus. Sandie brings all her knowledge and skill to the class. I am always confident in class because she takes care to know how each of us are feeling and if there are things I cannot do she will always have a tailored alternative. I would say if you are looking for a pilates teacher who is really committed to helping you maximise your ability to move, keep your joints mobile, who understands the connection between mind, body and emotion then you will not find a better teacher.

Maria Kirby

Sandie’s classes are brilliantly structured to work my whole body and leave me feeling stronger and more balanced. They vary in terms of exercises and equipment and challenge me to the right level. They’re also fun with a friendly atmosphere. For me they are a point in the week to focus on myself and develop my strength and flexibility

C, SE21

“Sandie brings friendliness and humour to the Pilates class while at the same time explaining very clearly and accurately how to get the very best out of an exercise, down to the smallest of muscle adjustments. I leave the class feeling physically so much better than when I started.”

Carol, SE27

I started pilates with Sandie five years ago after having my first child. The benefits in terms of my flexibility and strength have been remarkable.  Sandie is the consummate professional and her depth of knowledge is truly impressive.

Natalie, SE19

In one word, brilliant! I have attended Sandie’s pilates classes for more years than I care to mention and cannot recommend her classes highly enough.

Bronwen, SE21

Since going to Pilates with Sandie I have noticed a real difference to my general flexibility and energy levels. Sandie was, and still is, really supportive to me following a back injury, and  always keep us informed of the latest research about related health issues. 

C, SE22

Sandie’s classes have been keeping me mobile and strong for over a decade. Even on a cold, dark winter’s evening after work, I know that I will hugely benefit from the class and Sandie’s care and attention to everyone’s needs. The proof of her effectiveness is how rubbish I feel after the long summer break when I’ve not had the discipline to keep it up!

Clare, SE22

I have attended Sandie’s Pilates classed for more than ten years. I rarely have back problems now and can bend with ease.

D, SE 21