Pilates is for everyone!

From teenagers to seniors, from post-surgery and rehabilitative clients to professional athletes and dancers. Everyone can benefit from Pilates. The unique exercises can be modified to match the requirements of every individual.


Exercising and strengthening your body is a key factor in rehabilitation. Pilates is a safe, low impact and highly effective method of exercise and is designed to isolate body parts and encourage positive movement patterns. This allows us to address any injured or vulnerable areas in a safe and controlled way while addressing the rest of your body in the appropriate way to encourage quicker recovery.

You will achieve optimal results with two sessions per week (or more). The body learns best with a regular and gradually paced program creating an imprint which integrates the physical workout with the mental challenge. Once a week is not ineffective but the progress is slower.

Some people notice changes within a few Pilates classes. Most people notice improvement of strength and flexibility within a few weeks. The real profit though, is the combination of short term improvement with enduring changes to your fitness and well-being in the long run. That is what makes people “Pilates devotees” for years and decades. You should remember though that the process is individual and depends on whether you are healthy or injured, whether you are used to exercising your body or not, and on the number of classes you take each week.

Definitely yes! In Pilates we firm and strengthen the body while keeping it stretched and supple. This is actually the prime physical result of practicing the method. It means a trimmer waist, flatter belly and better posture. It means a strong, shaped and healthy body!

Pilates stands on its own and at the same time it is the perfect complement to cardiovascular activity, athletic training and all kinds of sports. It is up to you to determine the appropriate overall fitness program that would suit your needs, goals and abilities.

Absolutely! Pilates is ideal to complement any kind of body-therapy and is recommended by many practitioners and therapists. At Pilates in Dulwich we aim to work in conjunction with your practitioner to give you the best results. As a registered osteopath our principle teacher can help bring your body back into balance and through Pilates you learn how to maintain that balance, build on it and avoid future imbalances–postural and muscular.

At the present time it is not possible to charge insurance companies for Pilates classes. You may be able to to recover fees for rehabilitation if offered alongside osteopathic treatment. Please contact your insurers before attending to clarify payment options and to see if there are any restrictions to the amount of treatment. Please note that payment is due at the end of each treatment and you will need claim back from your coverage.