About Pilates in Dulwich

Sandie Ennis BA (hons) B.Ost (Ost) PgCert (Clin Ed)

I completed my UK pilates training and certification with Body Control Pilates (BCP) in 2000, BCP is one of the leading education providers for Pilates teacher training and the most significant professional Pilates organisation outside the USA. I established Pilates in Dulwich in the same year.

Committed to my ongoing development, I also undertook advanced studies at Kane School of Core Integration in New York under the tutelage and mentorship of Kelly Kane, one of the most highly regarded and experienced Pilates educators and therapists in the USA.

In 2009 I qualified as an osteopath, and completed extensive postgraduate studies including cranial and classical osteopathy, women’s health and training in paediatrics at the world famous Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy in London (aka Osteopathic Centre for Children – OCC).

My extended pilates clinical work is influenced by all of these factors some of which have organically integrated into my current evolving non-purist practice, which is underpinned by comprehensive training and certification, and lifelong professional development. I have worked in several highly regarded London clinics to enhance my practice and established my own osteopathic practice to compliment my existing Pilates work.

I currently divide my time between private osteopathic practice, teaching Pilates, running community-based first aid training, clinical tutoring, developing, writing and delivering specialist lectures/workshops/courses and completing heaps of continual professional development (CPD) each year.