SANDIE ENNIS BA (hons) B.Ost (Ost) PgCert ACE (Clin Ed)

Sandie is a creative, resourceful, person-centred practitioner, with a proven track record of providing excellent levels of care to a diverse group of people. Equally adept as an educator with experience of creating and delivering a broad range of clinical teaching, health education, and rehabilitation. Committed to personal development, she has a particular interest in movement rehabilitation and complex multifactorial health issues.

“I passionately believe that a great pilates class/session is simply about movement health. It offer the opportunity to help people find their full movement potential, to more more of themselves, more often without the teacher getting in their way. For me finding ease in daily or sports-related movement starts with awareness and alignment, enhanced movement and alignment help build balanced strong, flexible bodies. 

Why the fuss? Mindful movement along with efficient breathing mechanics and increased awareness can (& does) positively transform lives, making the difference between pain and restriction, between tension and discomfort, and for some people living a life of limitation or living a fuller richer life. Improving your movement health can change not just how you move but how you feel mentally and emotionally.”

I found the Pilates method after after a traumatic life-changing injury put the breaks on my adult life before it had really started. It was the skills I learned in Pilates sessions that enabled me to rebuild my broken body; there was nothing else available at the time. Every specialist I saw bounced me one: to another physical therapist, who pushed me to another consultant, some whispered “have you tried Pilates?” as I left their consultation room. I have never heard of it; this was 25 years ago. Eventually, one told me to take up it [Pilates]up. Finally, in sheer desperation, I did. Back then it was only offered in tucked-away difficult to find private studios used by dancers and actors, a world alien to me as a designer and educator.

Many movement and mind disciplines inspire me; Pilates, Feldenkrais, Awareness through movement, Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, Hanna Somatics, developmental movement, the work of Mabel Todd, Lulu Sweigard, Ido Portal, Gary Ward and many others. I completed my UK training and certification with Body Control Pilates (BCP) in 2000, BCP is one of the leading education providers for Pilates teacher training and the most significant professional Pilates organisation outside the USA. I established Pilates in Dulwich in the same year in the postcode I have lived in most of my life; working in my local patch is a joy and a privlage. 

Committed to my ongoing development, I also undertook advanced studies at Kane School of Core Integration in New York under the tutelage and mentorship of Kelly Kane, one of the most highly regarded and experienced pilates educators and therapists in the USA. Later, I undertook more training and qualified as an osteopath in 2009, followed by extensive postgraduate studies which included cranial and classical osteopathy, women’s health and training in paediatrics at the world-famous foundation for paediatric osteopathy in London (aka osteopathic centre for children – OCC). 

Currently, I divide my time between teaching Pilates, private osteopathic practise. Running community-based first aid training, clinical education, writing and delivering specialist lectures/workshops/courses in the UK and overseas and completing heaps of continual professional development (CPD) each year.



I specialise in rehabilitation offering both individual tuition or small group classes


I work primarily in the cranial field, with two mains areas of interest complex multifactorial complaints including back and spinal care and the treatment of babies and children.


General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) Reg no. 7371

Institute of Osteopathy  (iO)

Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA) registered from 2000  mat-work, studio equipment (stepped down Feb 2018)

Kane School of Core Integration New York 2001- 2003

Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) 2000 – ongoing

Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS  Level 4)

Back4Good® Practitioner Level 4

Somatic Education Coach

First Aid Instructor and Assessor

Paediatric First Aid Instructor

AED instructor

Nordic walking instructor

Fully insured 

DBS (formally CRB) adult & child enhanced updated 2015