Private Classes

After booking a private Pilates session your process begins with a full consultation; this is your time to share your general health, exercise and injury history. Here, your practitioner gains an understanding of any discomfort or pain and can address your concerns and clarify your goals. From here, you will be asked to do some simple movements standing, sitting and lying. This physical assessment enables the clinician to create a detailed and personalised programme towards improved wellbeing.

This targeted approach improves recovery time, movement confidence and self-esteem. It is particularly beneficial for post-operative rehabilitation, women during pregnancy and the postnatal period. It is also a mindful movement therapy approach to relieving pain.

We work with teenagers to nonagenarians, pregnant and postnatal women, people in pain, and those who are uber-fit or professional athletes and everyone in between.

Surgeons, physiotherapists, and osteopaths recommend Pilates as an effective and safe method of rehabilitating injuries and treating joint and muscular conditions.

Does this describe you?


Secure measures are in place and numbers are strictly limited.